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Funding administered by Dr Clare Rusbridge PART ONE
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This research is primarily focused on finding the genetic basis for this condition because finding the gene/s responsible for CM/SM will enhance understanding of the underlying molecular and cellular pathogenic mechanisms for better diagnosis, prognosis and clinical management of the conditions. Most importantly it will be possible to develop a genetic test to identify carriers and devise breeding strategies to reduce or eliminate this devastating condition in the CKCS and other affected breeds.
It involves two aspects
1) identifying the phenotypic variations that occur in the disorder
2) collecting suitable DNA of these phenotypic variations

First and foremost we would like to acknowledge the individual owners, breeders and veterinarians who have given their own time and effort towards the research in addition to those who donated money to help Cavaliers. The research is underpinned by owners and breeders who have paid for their dogs’ MRI scans and this valuable and ongoing contribution should be and is recognised. Grants and Donations more than £100 or equivalent listed on the next page
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